International agreements and partnership


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EPDItaly is the Program Operator

EPDItaly is in line with MEC (Minimum Environmental Criteria)



The only Italian program with official Accredia accreditation
Allows companies to inform the market of the environmental impacts of a product or service
The program that allows you to gain international visibility while safeguarding “Made in Italy” quality.

Simplifies the exchange of information to support green purchases.
Certifies the improvement in environmental performance of products and services and enables objective comparisons between similar products from different subjects.


The EPD has to be verified by Certification Bodies that have an accreditation (for EPDItaly Program) issued by an Accreditation Body with International Mutual Recognition agreement (EA, IAF, …).

Here is the list of currently Accredited Certification Bodies


EPDItaly signed mutual recognition agreements with the main international Program Operators in order to publish the EPD also in other countries without any further verification. The partners are: