Second technical table EPDItaly

On October 22nd, the second technical table was held organized by EPDItaly, the Italian Program Operator that manages the methods of development and publication of an Environmental Declaration of the EPD product. Participants included some LCA consultants, EPD verifiers, individual professionals or companies, representatives from the university world. There have been many topics of debate and comparison between the experts present.

In particular:

With regard to point 1, EPDItaly is working on the definition of a common format for environmental product declarations that can be “machine readable” by the most popular design and calculation programs for the works LCA. The designer will therefore have at his disposal a tool that will allow him to acquire the environmental data of a product from EPDItaly, in an easy-to-read “xml” format for today’s software.

EPDItaly has already made the first EPDs published on the website available in digital format.

The new standard En 15804: 2012 + A2: 2019 was also discussed. It introduces some important changes to the Lca life cycle calculation for construction products:

Following the entry into force of the En 15804: 2012 + A2: 2019 standard, the process of revising the EPDItaly documentation (Regulation and PCR) will start shortly. Given the significant impact of the new EPD standard to be developed, EPDItaly has established a transition period which will end on October 31, 2022, during which it will be possible for the manufacturer to use the rev. 4 and En 15804: 2012 + A1: 2013, through Pcr 001-15 rev. 2.1, or the new Regulation and PCR (just available) and the new En 15804: 2012 + A2: 2019.
The debate between professionals and the technical comparison that arose from the analysis of the issues presented, represented an important added value that EPDItaly periodically offers to professionals, for professional growth and continuous service to the construction industry sector.

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