ECO Platform circular economy survey

EPD Italy as a Program Operator belonging to the Eco Platform circuit, an association that brings together the main Program Operators in the construction sector, created with the aim of supporting the harmonization of European Environmental Product Declarations so that EPDs related to the same product, validated by different operators, can be comparable with each other, is pleased to share the survey promoted by Eco Platform “Incorporating Circularity into EPDs.”

The implementation of circular economy principles in policies is visible in various forms around the world. Beyond regulations, green building rating systems have included circular building design in their rating schemes to further promote the introduction of Circular Economy principles into the building and construction industry.

With these developments in mind, ECO Platform launched the CE Task Group with a mandate to:

In order to obtain solid and representative information on the opportunities and challenges of the circular economy in the construction sector, we are asking for your input.

We look forward to providing you with the results of the survey and keeping you informed of the progress of the EC Task Group.

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