Italian Program Operator

EPDItaly is the first Italian Program Operator where companies can publish their EPDs, obtain visibility at national and international level and communicate to the market, in a clear and transparent way, the environmental impacts of a product or a service.

Program Operator

EPDItaly is the Italian Program Operator that has been accredited by Accredia, the only national accreditation body in Italy. In this way, only accredited certification bodies can perform the verifications to validate the EPDs, adopting uniform methods and subjecting themselves to checks on their work by Accredia itself.


EPDItaly and MEC

EPDItaly is in line with the requests of the Italian Ministry of the Environment as regards the
"Minimum Environmental Criteria for the assignment of design services and works for the new construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings and for the management of public administration sites" (Building MEC) from the Italian Decree dated October 2017. MEC represent the implementation of the National Action Plan prepared by Italy in compliance with the European Green Public Procurement , procedure, to implement purchases of products and services of public administrations with reduced environmental impact.

The Regulations

The Regulations set out the procedures for managing Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) within the EPDItaly Program. These make it possible for the Organisation to communicate the environmental performance of its products in a comprehensible and credible way, as it is verified by an independent third party.

The Regulations and the EPDItaly Program are developed in accordance with ISO 14025.

Benefits of publication

  • Recognition and international visibility of environmental product performance
  • Guarantee instrument envisaged by the MEC Italian ministerial decree
  • Operator recognised by Accredia
  • Reference for contracting authorities and designers
  • Efficient service provided by Italian personnel