Proud of being Italian

It was an honor and a source of pride for us to host three days of important work from September 26th to 28th in Milan with all the European Program Operators issuing the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).
The EPD is a tool that has been used by industry for more than a decade to demonstrate product sustainability, and many investments have been made in the construction industry by manufacturers to provide environmentally friendly products to the market. In the public sector, Green Public Procurement has highlighted the need for products with guaranteed ecological performance, as in the private sector rating systems have increased the demand for green products. In all European countries, national EPD Program Operators are now active and in 2013 the ECO Platform was founded with the aim of supporting the provision of scientifically valid information, with guaranteed data quality and EPD accepted throughout Europe. Currently, ECO Platform includes 16 Program Operators from 14 different European countries, 6 European trade associations, 4 Green Building Councils and 10 LCA Practitioners. Over 500 ECO EPDs have been issued under the ECO Platform brand.

EPDItaly, the Italian Program Operator founder of ECO Platform, had the pleasure of hosting the members of ECO Platform in Milan as part of the board meeting; the opportunity was also taken to organize an InData Group meeting.
The working group intends to define and standardize the electronic format of the EPDs so that they can be read and managed automatically by software programs that calculate the impacts of buildings along their lifecycle (LCA, or Life Cycle Assessment). On this occasion, a conference was also organized to bring together European partners with Italian stakeholders. A three-day event full of events and contents, within which important strategic decisions have been taken that will influence the evolution of green product certifications and consequently the European construction industry.

EPDItaly is one of the driving Program Operators at European level, especially in terms of innovation. With sustainability, we are witnessing a rapid change in the way products are produced, increasingly oriented towards the needs of the end customer and with processes increasingly driven towards digitization. These two elements must also be taken into account in product certification practices and therefore the certification body must necessarily adapt its verification methodologies.

In this EPDItaly is definitely at the forefront of the European scene. For once we have to be proud of being Italian.

Below are the videos of the interventions of the international meeting EPD: THE INDUSTRIAL CHOICE FOR PRODUCTS SUSTAINABILITY – ECO Platform meets the Italian stakeholders:
Lorenzo Orsenigo
Riccardo Rifici
Ugo Pannuti
Emanuele Riva
Christian Donath
Giuliano Dall’O’
Edoardo Bianchi