A new international certification for EPDItaly

Goldwind, a large international organization which, among other things, deals with the production of wind turbines, has chosen to certify its products with EPDItaly. We wanted to interview Wu Kai, Goldwind Vice President.

What are the main reasons that pushed you towards voluntary EPD certification?

Goldwind, an international company with offices in about 30 countries around the world, has always set itself high international standards and, operating in the renewable energy and environmental protection sector, is particularly oriented towards pursuing and promoting sustainable development.

While on the one hand we emphasize the sustainable aspects, energy saving and low-carbon life cycle of our products, on the other hand, we are committed to promoting sustainable development of the entire industrial chain. The EPD is an international environmental label through which we can better evaluate our products and continue to improve them. In fact, the EPD allows us to meet the requirements, in the field of environmental performance, requested by international customers and thus contribute to energy saving, the reduction of emissions and a more sustainable development of the entire society.

Which product of your company has obtained the EPD? What are its main features?

They are the wind turbines GW155-4.5MW and GW136-4.2MW. The level of carbon emissions of these two turbines are, respectively: 7.25 g CO2-eq / kWh and 8.04 g CO2-eq / kWh, less than 1% compared to a thermoelectric power plant; which means that the break-even time of the two turbines is only 6 months for one and 6.4 months for the other.

Specifically, can you give an example of what are the main advantages obtained from the publication of the Environmental Product Declaration? What are the expected effects on the market?

Goldwind is the first Chinese manufacturer of wind turbines to evaluate the environmental performance of products according to European standards, obtaining the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Goldwind has been an example, in China and Asia, in the wind energy sector so that the whole sector pays greater attention to the environmental impact of products, thus promoting production and sustainable development of the entire sector.

The EPD also contributes to the promotion of products to our current and potential customers.

How important, in your opinion, is the presence of sustainable products within a Program Operator (EPDItaly) that makes the international network one of its strengths?

The authoritative, standardized and systematic certification of EPDItaly becomes an important tool for Goldwind, useful for strengthening communication in international markets and represents a universal language for our products on a global level.