Whoever chose EPDItaly tells its story: Feralpi

Interview with Ing. Alessandro Milan, quality manager of Feralpi Group

What are the advantages of a EPD certification for a company?

Today we are witnessing an increasingly frequent use of the word sustainability and the environmental theme is now present in the common language. In the world of steel it is difficult to talk about these issues and having had the opportunity, through a third party, to obtain certification is proof that our process is able to meet environmental standards. In a difficult context like the iron and steel one, certification represents a fundamental step that allows us to make sustainable even such a complex system.

What are the reasons that led you to EPDItaly?

Feralpi published its first sustainability report in 2004. Attention to environmental issues starts long ago, in fact our founder’s motto was precisely to produce and grow with respect for man and the environment. These values ​​are felt strongly even today within our company and are pursued daily. An example is the attention we have given to certification. Through EPDItaly we wanted to show all stakeholders that environmental issues and sustainability are part of Feralpi’s DNA.

Do you think that EPDItaly can contribute to spreading the culture of product sustainability?

Certainly, the visibility of the brand is constantly growing and even in Italy we are witnessing its increasingly frequent use. EPDItaly is becoming a partner for companies and helps them strengthen the image in the eyes of the world by focusing on the transparency of production processes.

In your opinion, how important is the presence of Made in Italy sustainable products within a Program Operator that makes the international network one of its strengths?

The combination of the word sustainability with EPDItaly products strongly communicates the value of Made in Italy that is synonymous with quality and high standing. Furthermore, the use of sustainable processes in the steel industry guarantees a corporate image that, even compared to other products worldwide, communicates a unique message of sensitivity towards environmental issues, linking it to a proudly local production.