Eco Platform meets Italian stakeholders in Milan

EPDItaly organises the workshop entitled “EPD: The industrial choice for products sustainability. ECO Platform meets the Italian stakeholders” to be held on 27 September 2018 in Milan.

An international event that aims to bring together important European players, including the Ministry of the Environment, Accredia, Eco Platform and Confindustria, to create an opportunity for discussion on the promotion of sustainability as a strategic asset for competitiveness and economic and social growth.
The workshop is held on the occasion of the board meeting of Eco Platform, the European association that brings together the main Program Operators in the construction sector, created with the aim of supporting the harmonisation of Environmental Product Declarations, which is being held in Italy.
Thanks to EPDItaly, now Italy too has a national Program Operator and Italian companies can see their EPDs validated in major countries around the world thanks to the various mutual recognition agreements stipulated with the most important international POs.
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EPDItaly and AENOR for business competitiveness
The agreement forms part of the common strategy to promote the diffusion of sustainability of the Italian production system through the mutual recognition of Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) amongst the main European and international Program Operators.

After the agreements entered into with the German organisation IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt), with the Austrian BAU EPD and with UL (Underwriters Laboratories), an independent global organisation, leader in the United States in the field of safety and environmental science, EPDItaly has signed an agreement with AENOR, the GlobalEPD Program operator. Thanks to this agreement, Italian companies wishing to operate in Spain, in possession of EPD certification published on EPDItaly, can publish on GlobalEPD without further verification and acquire more value in terms of quality and environmental sustainability.

Both programs recognise the importance of the diffusion of EPDs as a tool providing information about the environmental impacts of products and above all, in light of the Italian Decree published in the Official Gazette on 06/11/17, on the Minimal Environmental Criteria (MEC) for building, as a way of demonstrating compliance with the requirements of the MEC themselves.

EPDItaly, the only Italian Program Operator, has obtained recognition from Accredia that allows the Certification Bodies to operate under accreditation for the verification and validation of the Environmental Product Declarations. EPDItaly publishes the EPDs validated by the Certification Bodies on the website The publication is the final act that allows those interested to verify that the product in question is suitable for satisfying the MEC.

GlobalEPD is AENOR’s Environmental Declaration Verification Program, which currently works in building products and in the food sector. In addition, AENOR has bilateral agreements with EPDItaly and with IBU (Germany) and International EPD System (Sweden). AENOR is a founding member of the European ECO Platform association, for the EPD verification program in the construction sector, as is EPDItaly.

The product EPDs published in Italy on or from Global EPD on will automatically be recognised and accepted by the other Program Operators without further verification, becoming part of a database, visible and recognised at international level.