Whoever chose EPDItaly tells its story: Iso Span

Interview with Ing. Graziano Pier Cuogo, Iso Span technical consultant.

What are the advantages of an EPD certification for a company?

Society today is increasingly attentive to environmental issues. This involves a more responsible and diligent search for raw materials. The EPD certified products certainly represent all the features necessary to satisfy the new consumer needs. ISO SPAN has always been committed to putting products on the market that follow low-impact production processes with respect for man and the environment. Being able to use materials certified according to these principles based on EPDItaly protocols in the construction and building sector is definitely an advantage for the whole community. Improving the quality of the environment requires eco-sustainable products and production processes, which is why the choice of ISO SPAN to be certified with EPDItaly.

What are the reasons that led you to EPDItaly?

ISO SPAN has always worked to ensure the environmental sustainability of its products with the aim of improving the quality management system and protecting the “people-society-environment” system. The EPDItaly certification was instrumental in the propagation of our modus operandi, which goes hand in hand with high standing environmental issues.

Do you think that EPDItaly can contribute to spreading the culture of product sustainability?

Surely EPDItaly is an important tool to achieve sustainability goals. It will be our task to illustrate the advantages deriving from an environmental product certification to those who do not yet know this world. Long-term environmental and social benefits that future generations will certainly benefit from.

How important, in your opinion, is the presence of sustainable and high standing products within a Program Operator like EPDItaly?

The certification and the consequent publication on EPDItaly is a guarantee of a high quality product that brings benefits especially in the long term.