EPD: developments in the electrical world and beyond

In 2020 EPDItaly witnessed a growth in requests for the creation and development of new Product Category Rules (PCR) in the electricity sector, and beyond.
The agreement between ENEL and ICMQ, manager of the EPDItaly Program, aimed at enhancing the sustainability of the entire ENEL supply chain, by means of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), led to the creation and publication of various PCRs, necessary documents for the calculation of the environmental impacts to be declared in the EPD.
The first product categories to be involved were: meters, switches, isolators, wind turbines, solar panels.
Subsequently, the PCRs of cables, wires and electrical panels were developed and published, and to date the PCRs relating to the electric charging stations and transformers are under construction.
It is useful to remember that at the moment the only Certification Body accredited to operate in the EPDItaly System is ICMQ which recently requested and obtained the extension of accreditation for the “machinery & equipment” category, which will allow it to carry out verification and validation of EPDs in the electricity sector, guaranteeing its customers independence, competence and impartiality.
EPDItaly is also finalizing the creation of a PCR, proposed by Pesaresi SpA, which will contain the specific rules for the development of EPDs for motorways, urban and extra-urban roads and airports.
Pesaresi today represents one of the most important entities operating in the field of infrastructure construction and maintenance and, like Enel, has decided to rely on EPDItaly to enhance its propensity for sustainability using the EPD declaration tool.
The Life Cycle Assessment methodology underlying the EPD allows Pesaresi to evaluate the environmental performance of its business using quantified information on the life cycle, to allow comparisons between products / projects / services / infrastructures that fulfill the same function.
The collaboration with EPDItaly allows you to ensure the correctness of the information contained in the EPD, as the publication of the same, in fact, is a guarantee of what is stated in the documents.
EPDItaly technicians (info@epditaly.it) are available to those wishing to approach the EPD Environmental Product Declaration, in order to enhance the sustainability of their company.