Whoever chose EPDItaly tells its story: Isolconfort

Interview with Giovanni Raggi, commercial director of Isolconfort S.r.l.

Your company has chosen to invest in a TOOL that allows you to develop EPD for a plurality of products. What are the main reasons for this choice?

For years Isolconfort has embraced green building policy. We produce products in EPS, sintered expanded polystyrene, a highly sustainable material, composed of 98% of air; however, we wanted to go beyond the simple choice of exhibiting the characteristics of the material, making use of a certification system that not only affects some production phases of a series of products but that embraces the entire production cycle of our entire range. An important choice which obviously implies an advanced approach at the production level, but which has a positive impact both at an environmental level, in line with our corporate philosophy, and at a strategic-commercial level, positioning ourselves as a qualified supplier of insulating materials for civil and industrial use both for the private sector that I publish.

The vs. company has chosen EPDItaly as Program Operator for the publication of the EPD. How much has this choice influenced the possibility of using the EPD validation method using a previously qualified TOOL?

It influenced in part. Undoubtedly, however, it was relevant that EPDItaly was the only Italian Program Operator. The Green path of Isolconfort, started with foresight years ago, led us to be among the first to rely on the national player, revealing an important strategic choice; EPDItaly, in fact, has been recognized at an institutional level and accredited with the introduction of the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) for building interventions in the public administration.

Do you think that due to the possibility given to a company to use tools such as a TOOL to develop its EPDs, it can promote the overall growth in the level of sustainability in the construction sector?

Certainly the use of a tool facilitates the company’s operation by speeding up the analysis and certification process, however, this does not mean that the company must operate according to high quality standards and must carefully monitor the entire life cycle of the own artifacts.
Isolconfort has chosen to make use of a tool, not only to develop the EPDs of its products already on the market but to be able to take advantage of a tool that allows you to create and design new building technologies with already efficient criteria in favor of environmental sustainability and it is in this sense, with the introduction of optimized products on the market, that tools such as Tools can promote an overall growth in the level of sustainability in the construction sector.