The trend of EPDs on the rise

The year 2021 amply confirmed the strong growth trend in the number of published EPDs that began in the previous year. The application of the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria), also under the strong push of the Superbonus 110% which requires respect for the private sector, the increase of sustainability protocols relating to buildings (eg LEED) and infrastructures (Envision) and the now consolidated awareness of the importance of using materials and products with environmental impacts measured and validated by an independent third party are leading more and more producers to adopt the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tool as an environmental label to stand out on the market .
As can be seen from the graphs below, over the years there has been a steady increase, in fact it has gone from 39 publications in 2018 to 171 at the end of 2021.
The supply chain qualification policies implemented by major international players, such as Enel, also have a positive impact on the increase in available EPDs. In fact, while many EPDs relating to building materials were registered on EPDItaly until 2021, in the first 3 months of 2022 over 80% consisted of publication requests for electrical and electronic products.