New PCR in public consultation

EPDItaly is pleased to inform you that, in collaboration with EthosEnergy S.p.A., The Polytechnic University of Milan and the Polytechnic University of Turin, the public consultation phase for updating in the EPDItaly system the following PCR has begun:

The update involved the extension of the CPC Code to CPC – 4315, with the aim of providing the market with the possibility of comparing an EPD of a new rotor with the EPD of a remanufactured rotor, according to the same standard.

The PCR will be adopted for future publications of EPDs in the EPDItaly system that will refer to the above product category.

Where there are any comments to the document, they should reach us, no later than 12/20/2023 to all of the following addresses:


– Ing. Mansi Carmela: