Those who have chosen EPDItaly tell their story: ZEROCENTO

What are the main reasons that pushed you towards the voluntary EPD certification?

The reasons are linked to a strategic, commercial policy and above all to make our recovery process official, so that it is recognized both by the end users and by the various interlocutors we have as customers, for example the producers of conglomerate. . In this way we have given ourselves the opportunity to open up to new markets, which are mainly those related to the circular economy sector. For us this is a very important factor, because, also from an ethical point of view, this is the sector we care about the most.

Which product of your company has obtained the EPD? What are its main features?

Zerocento produces an aggregate that is used in both cement and bituminous conglomerates. It is a totally recovered product, so it fits completely with the circular economy policy, which, as we know, is gaining ground at a European level, but also at an Italian level.

What are the main advantages obtained from the publication of the Environmental Product Declaration? What are the repercussions on the final consumer?

First of all, the entry of Zerocento into new markets, in particular those of concrete and prefabricated buildings. We have always been linked to the world of asphalts and with the publication of the EPD we have also been able to enter these other markets, which we have been aspiring to for a long time. Thanks to the EPD we enjoy a recognized official status and also required by these sectors. For us, being able to offer certified products has undoubtedly made the difference

Do you think that EPDItaly can contribute to spreading the culture of product sustainability?

Without any doubt, as EPDItaly provides an official, recognized and codified method for evaluating a product at an environmental level. Therefore belonging to a database where only products recognized in these terms are present leads to an enhancement of one’s product and favors entry into new markets from which previously one was excluded

How important, in your opinion, is the presence of sustainable Italian products within a Program Operator that makes the international network one of its strengths?

In addition to giving companies a certain visibility at an international level, there is also a question of visibility for the entire country. Our commitment to the circular economy and environmental impact is enhanced, also in relation to our European partners. Precisely for this reason, thanks to our product development, we have been contacted not only by European but also international customers; therefore the increase in visibility is undisputed, the official certification is recognized worldwide