Italy and Norway share experiences and innovation

The first international EPDItaly event will take place on 4th May in Rome, in the Donat Cattin auditorium, in collaboration with EPD Norway and ICMQ entitled: Powerful automated, digital, and verified solutions for sustainable roads and highways.

The sustainability of infrastructures is an essential factor in the development of the European Union and of the individual countries that are part of it. In the wake of the Next Generation EU and the national plans connected to it, all the countries of the Union are enhancing projects and initiatives by supporting models and systems capable of making the results transparent and measurable in terms of concrete sustainability, both at the planning level and in the of realization of the single works. This is particularly true for road and motorway infrastructures, where LCA analysis and product certifications become crucial.

It is in this context that the initiative promoted by the Program operators EPDItaly and EPD Norway takes place, with the collaboration of ICMQ and the Norwegian embassy in Italy.

“The goal – underline Lorenzo Orsenigo, president of ICMQ and Hakon Hauan, Managing Director of EPD Norway – is to foster knowledge and comparison of experiences and scenarios in the two countries, so as to help the construction world look with ever greater interest and awareness of the value of sustainability in the design and construction of road and motorway infrastructures.”

The day will be an opportunity to reflect on the potential and prospects of the product certification system which, through the EPD and the LCA analysis, in line with protocols such as Envision, can contribute to the achievement of the sustainability objectives set by the Commission EU.

The meeting also aims to be a moment of verification with respect to some innovative technological solutions in the field of digitization, capable of facilitating the management of data relating to the performance of materials and products. The importance of these issues is also recognized at the level of the main Italian institutions, just as attention is growing in the manufacturing world. This is confirmed by the participation of representatives of MIT and MASE as well as the heads of national and international business associations.

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