Those who have chosen EPDItaly tell their story: BITRON GROUP

Interview with Vincenzo Romanò РChemicals Regulations Manager and Sustainability Coordinator at BITRON GROUP

What are the main reasons that pushed you towards the voluntary EPD certification?
We live in a continuous change of the global economic, social and environmental context. Industrial realities such as Bitron are pushed towards processes of globalization, free trade, technological innovations and increasingly compelling, sustainable challenges and the fight against climate change. Bitron, in recent years, has invested heavily in sustainable design and we believe in our potential to improve efficiency, product quality and increase market opportunities (local and foreign) and at the same time improve environmental performance. Our commitment to innovation and increasingly sustainable design is part of Bitron’s maturity path. The voluntary EPD certification is an example of our efforts, its publication and sharing with our stakeholders is important to increase our position in the global market.

Which product of your company has obtained the EPD? What are its main features?
The first products to be certified were the electricity meters for both domestic and industrial use. Our customer is one of the largest producers of meters and electricity distribution in the world and Bitron strongly wanted to accompany the customer in his path of sustainability.

Do you think it is important for a sector like yours to pay attention to sustainability? Why?
Industries play a fundamental and crucial role in the fight against climate change, in generating economic benefits and new jobs. Awareness of the exploitation of mineral resources and water, of energy consumption, of respect for human rights, must be an integral part of company business plans. The interest in innovative and sustainable products and services has grown in recent decades: higher quality standards are required from customers, increasingly stringent laws in the management of chemicals, safety and well-being of workers in the workplace and an increase in competitiveness between companies locally and globally have created a serious demand for a structured process for sustainable product innovation in industry. Industries can no longer survive in the long term without sustainable products and a managerial organization that does not integrate processes aimed at reducing negative environmental, social and economic impacts into business management.

What are the main advantages obtained from the publication of the Environmental Product Declaration? What are the repercussions on the final consumer?
The consumer, today, has the power to determine the true success of a product, of a company rather than another. EPD product certification is a strong and clear message that goes straight to our customers. It enhances our product, demonstrates and increases the sustainable commitment of Bitron and its customers, is a marketing tool and is the key to success towards new customers and markets. Demonstrates the use of valid methodologies and tools in order to reduce the environmental impacts related to the product life cycle. The final consumer can therefore learn about the environmental performance of the purchased product validated by an accredited third party, and actively contribute to safeguarding the ecosystem by choosing products and services that have less impact than others on the market.

Do you think that EPDItaly can contribute to spreading the culture of product sustainability?
Communication is important nowadays. Bodies such as EPDItaly have the task of spreading the culture of sustainability. It is important to give international visibility to the environmental performance of products, precisely to increase sustainable culture not only at the industrial level, but above all at the consumer level.

How important, in your opinion, is the presence of sustainable Italian products within a Program Operator that makes the international network one of its strengths?
As highlighted, the visibility of a certification issued by an Italian Program Operator, which publishes the environmental performance of made in Italy products at an international level, is an excellent marketing strategy. We must give value to Made in Italy and strengthen the presence, image and positioning of even more sustainable Italian products, to counter the bitter international competition.