R. Is it possible in the EPD, to be published on EPDItaly, to use identification codes together with the indication of the country where the plant is located, instead of the address of the production plant?

A. YES, provided that the specific address is included in the LCA Report and made available by the Organization, following a request from a requesting third party and assessment by the Certification Body, for purposes related to the use of the same EPD document.
This aspect is inherent in one of the requirements introduced and dealt with in the EPDItaly Regulation in version 5.3, which has recently completed the public consultation phase without receiving opposing opinions.


R. Is it possible to include “hybrid systems” in the scope of the PCR EPDItaly019 – HVAC home Appliance?

A. The PCR in question excludes the use of methane gas systems, however it does not exclude the use of hybrid systems.
For this reason the PCR will be revised with the introduction of such equipment. In the transitional period, it is possible to develop an EPD which contains the PCR as a reference and which describes, for the sake of transparency, the methodology adopted for calculating the contribution from methane gas.