New PCRs from the partnership between Carbonfootprint Italia and EPDItaly

In 2022 EPDItaly, the Italian Program Operator within which it is possible to publish the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), witnessed a growth in requests for the creation and development of new Product Category Rules (PCR) in different sectors.

It is important to clarify the importance and role of the Product Category Rules within the validation process for EPD and / or Product Carbon Footprint (CFP). PCRs, in fact, are essential documents that provide the rules, requirements and guidelines for developing EPD and CFP for a specific product category. They are a necessary reference to ensure the uniformity of the methodological approach to the studies and to allow comparability between EPD and CFP studies relating to products of the same category.

Since the growing demand for new PCRs is now a symptom of an increasingly strong diversification of the areas of application of EPD / CFP and of a market that is increasingly attentive to sustainability issues, it is therefore essential to provide producers with all the tools to undertake a path certification with the aim of operating with a view to increasing environmental sustainability.

Precisely with the aim of facilitating the development of PCRs, the collaboration between ICMQ (manager of the EPDItaly Program) and Carbon Footprint Italy (CFI), the Program Operator that allows to communicate the quantification and reduction of GHG emissions (gas at greenhouse effect) of products and organization and the consequent publication of the CFP of the companies.

The fruits of the synergy between the two Program Operators were recently collected with the publication of 6 PCRs, whose fields of application are:

Valves: multifunctional controls for gas appliances
Assembly of printed circuits
FANS (Fans for managing air and air / gas mixtures)
Paints, varnishes and coatings
Energy storage systems for industrial and stationary applications
Machines for professional cleaning service
All PCRs, valid for five years, have been reviewed with the collaboration of the Technical Scientific Committee of Carbon Footprint Italy and the technical support of EPDItaly.

The peculiarity of these PCRs is that they can be used for the preparation of both the Environmental Product Declarations and the Product Carbon Footprints.

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EPDItaly technicians are available to anyone wishing to approach the Environmental Product Declaration, in order to enhance the sustainability of their company.