First EPD published in the field of cleaning services in hospital environments

Fully operational since 2016 and available to companies operating in all product sectors, EPDItaly has published the first EPD in a new sector, not inherent in the world of construction. This is the sector of cleaning services in hospital environments.
As required by the Program Operator regulations, this EPD underwent a Preliminary Evaluation process as there is no specific PCR in the EPDItaly Program.
We remind you that the PCR (Product Category Rules) constitute the identification document of each single product group (category), to which the manufacturer or service provider must refer for the development of a study of the life cycle of a product / service to purposes of drafting the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). They are developed with the aim of making common rules available to producers of goods and service providers for: uniquely identifying the functional and performance characteristics that characterize the product / service category; define the criteria to be used in the LCA study of the products / services belonging to the category; indicate the characteristic information that must be reported in the EPD.
The EPD of hospital cleaning services, not based on a specific PCR, is valid for only 18 months. The validity will be adjusted to the rules of the EPD system (5 years) after updating the declaration in accordance with the PCR of the specific sector, currently under development.
In fact, the development process of the Product Category Rules for the cleaning services sector in hospitals has just begun in EPDItaly.
Several important subjects participate in the development of the PCR: Coopservice S.Coop.p.A .; Sphera; Unimore; Unipd; Take Care International; Fimap SpA.

Coopservice is one of the first service companies to have obtained the EPD certification. for this reason we have chosen to interview Giorgia Nannini, Systems Manager of the service company.

Why did you choose to certify the services you offer through the EPD?
The EPD certification allows you to obtain a competitive advantage, as it represents an element of service distinction and differentiation of the offer compared to competitors operating in the same sector. The decision to certify EPD services responds to the growing interest in environmental sustainability on the part of private customers and public administrations. EDP certification allows us to meet customer needs and ensure the provision of a sustainable service from a green perspective.

What do you think are the main advantages enjoyed by a company that chooses to do the EPD? In general, are there any additional advantages for those working in the service sector?
Having an EPD certification allows us to provide the customer with data on the environmental performance of the service offered and to propose innovative solutions to: reduce the consumption of chemical substances, which in high concentrations can be dangerous or polluting; save energy and water, using more efficient and less impactful service delivery tools and methods; make more informed purchasing choices, using products that meet specific environmental requirements; limit the production of waste and emissions into the atmosphere.

How important is sustainability in your type of work?
Over the years, Coopservice has developed a real “green” approach to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, incorporating European and international guidelines on environmental aspects and defining a path aimed at providing a sustainable service, from all points of view: environmental, economic and social.
The main purpose pursued is the gradual reduction of waste, the optimization of the resources used through an integrated management of all aspects of the service and aimed at achieving some fundamental objectives: efficiency and savings in the use of resources, in particular energy. and consequent reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of the use of hazardous substances and quantitative reduction of waste produced.
The low environmental impact services are identified by the Green Leaf by Coopservice brand, which obtained the Ecolabel certification in May 2020.

EPDItaly is an international showcase. How much did this feature contribute to your choice?
If we consider that the companies of the Coopservice Group operate in 10 countries around the world beyond Italy, choosing a brand with international visibility is essential to maintain a competitive advantage on these markets as well.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of having an Italian program operator, compared to those of other countries?
Having an Italian program operator first of all allows you to manage communications quickly and efficiently by simplifying the certification process and then also allows you to obtain targeted information based on your sector without any legislative or language problems