Who chose EPDItaly tells its story: Pilomat Srl

Alice MontanariMarketing Manager of Pilomat Srl


How important is sustainability to you?

For Pilomat, as for the Hörmann Group of which it is a part, it is important to offer solutions that are as environmentally friendly as possible and that protect the Planet. Our products must necessarily come into contact with the soil, so it is crucial that they maintain a sustainable impact with the soil and the surrounding environment. In addition to products, at the group level we are also committed to monitoring emissions, using recycled materials whenever possible, respecting staff welfare conditions as best we can, and reducing the impacts of our solutions.


What are the main motivations that pushed you toward voluntary EPD certification?

We approached EPD because of a government project in Norway, for which it was necessary to come up with certified products. This is nothing new for Pilomat; in fact, our high safety and reliability products are already certified through crash tests according to regulations. However, the Norwegian tender required an extra effort for the environment: hence the decision to certify with EPD two products designed for vehicular access control in maximum security areas.


Which product of your company has obtained EPD? What are its main features?

We have certified two automatic bollards from our High Security Line, the 275/K12-900A and the 275/K12B-900A. Two solutions indicated for the protection of sensitive places, with the same technical characteristics but differing in the principle of movement, the former – Pilomat’s historical product – is hydraulic, while the latter is electromechanically operated and we are the only ones to produce it. In the future, Pilomat also plans to certify with the Environmental Product Declaration some bollards of the Security Line, designed for vehicular access control in public and private areas. Meanwhile, the Hörmann Group is moving to certify more building-related products, such as doors and gates, with the EPD.


What are the main benefits gained from publishing the Environmental Product Declaration? What are the impacts on the end consumer?

The benefit in the immediate term, of course, is the possibility of participating in the Norwegian government’s call for tenders; however, we believe it is necessary to inform the consumer that a product with EPD certification is safer and more sustainable. The Hörmann Group, moreover, has offered customers to bear part of the cost of CO2 reduction. 
Long-term benefits will therefore be brought by the campaign that company and customer implement to raise consumer awareness and make them more and more aware. We at Pilomat are among the first companies in the group to have initiated Carbon Footprint reduction policies, almost 4 years ago already: of course, the certification is also one more confirmation that we are not greenwashing.


For your industry and product, this is the first Certified EPD. Is this record important to you?

We are happy to be the first in Italy to offer products certified with EPD: it is a step to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and a great opportunity to be ready when EPD will be a necessary condition to participate in a call for tenders. 
The publication of our certifications was managed by EPDItaly.


Do you think EPDItaly can help spread the culture of product sustainability?

Sustainability is and will be a non-negligible feature of any product. In the near future, more and more precautions will be required during the production process, and we believe that having EPD certification available is a significant plus. The issue of product sustainability has been very much in the news lately, not only among industry insiders but also among the general public, thanks to the media. EPDItaly will be able to lend a big hand in spreading this culture.


How important, in your opinion, is the presence of Italian sustainable products within a Program Operator that makes international networking one of its strengths?

EPDItaly is an Italian Program Operator that can boast several international partnerships: the combination of Made in Italy products and environmental certifications is a further guarantee of that reliability and quality that the whole world recognizes.