ENEL and EPDItaly

partners for the "Circular Economy"

ENEL implements a sustainability policy in its procurement activity and, together with EPDItaly, contributes to enhancing the entire supply chain.
The system adopted by ENEL is that of the Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), with the aim of creating a virtuous sustainable induced activity.
The national and international manufacturers shall be qualified, according to ENEL’s sustainability criteria, in order to become ENEL's suppliers.

ENEL has developed specific PCRs in the following product categories:
- Switches
- Isolators
- Power meters
- PV Panels
- Wind Turbine
- Gas Turbine
- HVAC - Home Appliances
- Energy Storage
- Public Lighting
- Transformers
- Charging Stations
- Cables and wires

At the end of the sustainability process, ENEL has chosen the independent third-party Certification Body ICMQ, as guarantor of supplier qualification process and as validator of the EPD developed by the manufacturers.
The EPD will be published on the EPDItaly website.