Whoever chose EPDItaly tells its story: Terreal Italia

Interview with Arch. Davide Desiderio – Marketing & Communication Manager, Terreal Italia s.r.l.

What are the advantages of an EPD certification for a company?
Terreal Italia has always focused on the quality of its products, but above all on the sustainability of production. Over the years it has continuously demonstrated this sensitivity with choices, investments and efforts in the direction of improving the sustainability of the production process through, for example, the continuous energy monitoring of the production lines, the assessment of the environmental quality of the products by identifying and reducing the environmental impacts, the reduction of consumption, the recovery and transformation of waste material, as well as the management of internal waste. EPD therefore represents the recognition of this policy. It is therefore clear that being able to demonstrate our vocation for sustainability with objective and internationally recognized data is undoubtedly a great advantage for us.

What are the reasons that pushed you towards EPDItaly?
EPDItaly allows us, thanks to the constant search for agreements with the other main European Program operators, to enhance the Made in Italy in the international panorama, helping us to communicate the environmental impacts of our products and services to the globalized market.
We are satisfied with the choice because we receive enthusiastic testimonies about the qualities of the actions that EPDItaly constantly develops to communicate and promote various themes, not least the mutual recognition of the EPD also in other countries.

Do you think EPDItaly can help spread the culture of product sustainability?
Our choice already seems to me a clear answer to the question. In fact, EPDItaly has already been playing with a legitimacy and seriousness for a long time a role of primary importance in the difficult task of spreading a culture focused on the environmental sustainability of the product.

How important in your opinion is the presence of sustainable products made in Italy within a Program Operator that makes the international network one of its strengths?
It is very important that our Made in Italy products have visibility abroad also on the topic of sustainability. EPDItaly is therefore a very useful and very effective tool for knowledge and transmission of this type of communication in international areas where perhaps sustainability issues are even more felt than in Italy.