Power transformer GST002/TR03201

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Product: Power transformer GST002/TR03201
Manufacturer: Tamini Trasformatori S.r.l.
Production unit: Via Seriola, 74, 25035 Ospitaletto (BS), Italy
Goods sector:
Type: Transformers
Category: electronic and electrical products

This EPD refers to the Power transformer GST002/TR03201 (94 MVA), manufactured by Tamini Trasformatori S.r.l. in its production site located in Via Seriola, 74, 25035 Ospitaletto (BS), Italy

EPDItaly Registration Number: EPDITALY0389
Issue date: 29/12/2022
Update date: 29/12/2022
Expiry date: 29/12/2027
CPC Code: 46121

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