MiniRodio models 1991-1987-1998 (power 61W)

Name: MiniRodio models 1991-1987-1998 (power 61W)
Company: Disano Illuminazione S.p.A.
Production unit: Via Scaldasole, 31/B, Dorno (PV) Italy
Reference Year:
Type: Public lighting Equipement
Category: construction products

This EPD refers to the Mini Rodio family of LED outdoor lighting fixtures, models 1991-1987-1998 (power 61W), manufactured by Disano Illuminazione S.p.A. in its production site located in Via Scaldasole, 31/B, Dorno (PV) Italy

Reg. No.: EPDITALY0287
Issue date: 19/04/2022
Update date: 19/04/2022
Expiry date: 19/04/2027
CPC Code: 4653

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