PCR for PV Panel: EPDItaly 014 – rel. 1.1

Name: PCR for PV Panel
State: public
Creator: ENEL - Ing. Giuseppe D'Andrea - Ing. Massimo De Pieri, LCE Engineering
Moderator: Ing. Stefano Rossi, LCE Engineering
GPI version: 4.0 e 5.0
Product code: Electrical Energy
Geographical validity: Global
Consultation start date: 03-02-2020
End date of consultation: 16-02-2020
Review start date: 24-02-2020
Review end date: 06-03-2020
Publication date: 16-03-2020
End of validity date: 15-03-2025
Number: EPDItaly 014
Last review:

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Review performed by: Ing. Daniele Pace, Arch. Michele Paleari, Ing. Sara Toniolo

CPC linked: 171
Product category: Electrical Energy

EPD using this PCR: