Underground high voltage cables

Product: Underground high voltage cables
Manufacturer: Hengtong Optic-Electric co., LTD
Production unit: Hengtong avenue 88, Oidu, 215200, Suzhou City (China)
Goods sector:
Type: Cables and wires
Category: electronic and electrical products

This EPD refers to the Underground high voltage cables: Al/XLPE/CWS/APL/HDPE 80/138kV 1C1200mm2 and Al/XLPE/CWS/APL/PE 80/138kV 1C2000mm2+2C2G.651A1a with an aluminum conductive body and Cu/XLPE/CWS/APL/PE 80/138kV C2500mm2+2C2G.651A1a with a copper conductive body, manufactured by Hengtong Optic-Electric co., LTD in its production site located in Hengtong avenue 88, Oidu, 215200, Suzhou City (China)

EPDItaly Registration Number: EPDITALY0367
Issue date: 18/01/2023
Update date: 18/01/2023
Expiry date: 18/01/2028
CPC Code: 463

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