01 The program

EPDItaly Program is the new project by ICMQ to award the commitment to reduce the enviromental imapct.

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02 EPD

The environmental product Declaration EPD is a document that describes the environmental impacts tied to the production of a specific quantity of product.

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03 PCR

The development of a Product Category Rules PCR is the first step that should be taken to validate an EPD, unless there are already a PCR for that category.

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04 Regulations

The EPD Italy Regulation rev.3.0 has been published.


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ICMQ Spa, EPDItaly Program Operator, has signed MoU with two European Programme Operator.

Italian ceramic tiles

This Sector EPD refers to italian ceramic tiles. it is reg…

Construction products and construction services PCR: ICMQ-001/15 rev 2

It's under public consultation the new PCR ICMQ-001/15 rev. 2 construction products and services.…

Flat sheet in fiber cement

This EPD refers to construction products (flat sheet in fiber cement) produced at plant: via…

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