01 The program

EPDItaly Program award the commitment to reduce the enviromental imapct.

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02 EPD

The environmental product Declaration EPD is a document that describes the environmental impacts tied to the production of a specific quantity of product.

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03 PCR

The development of a Product Category Rules PCR is the first step that should be taken to validate an EPD, unless there are already a PCR for that category.

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04 Rules

It's published EPDItaly Rules ver. 3.3.


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There are MoU with European Programme Operator.

PCR for ceramica tiles: IBU PCR Part B: 2014-11-30 v. 1.6

For ceramic tile product, EPDItaly recognizes the PCR by IBU Part B: 2017-11-30 v.1.6 "Requirements…

Concrete for supplies "693 Coop Umanitaria Soc. Coop.- Pronto Soccorso Ospedale di Cesena"

This EPD refers to construction products concrete for supplies "693 Coop Umanitaria Soc. Coop.- Pron…

Hydraulic binders

This EPD refers to construction product hydraulic binders produced at Barletta (BA), Robilante (CN),…

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